CVS to Git migration is more than just upgrading your tool

We have a project that has a long history. The first code in the repository committed in 1994. The source code hosted on a cvs server. I have started migrating the source code to git.

I have never used CVS in real life but from what I can gather, it is safe to say that it is a thing of past and no longer meets the requirements of modern era code management. So there is no point hanging on to it.

This video from legendary Linus tells it best.

A lot has been said about tool chain we use and the fact that they are just small parts of the ecosystem when it comes to software development, and focus should be on improving the process and culture. But this is a good example on how tools we use shape our habits and even culture. It has also major impact on the process which we use.

It took me a while to understand the real reason behind the big resistance in the team to adopt a more frequent code commit habit in daily works. Now I know cvs has a big role in that. The experience with cvs, where it is very costly to do a commit to central repository, pushes people to less frequent commit habit. During the years it has become ‘the way we work’ and has shaped our team culture and process.

Now we are into a new way of working under the git! wish me luck 😀

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